Thursday, June 10, 2010

High Income productivity?

Five strategic thrusts have been identified under the 10MP, which was tabled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday:-
1. Designing Government philosophy and approach to transform Malaysia through the National Key Results Areas
2. Creating a conducive environment for unleashing economic growth
3. Moving towards inclusive socio-economic development
4. Developing and retaining a First World talent base

5. Building an environment that enhances quality of life

I have finally figured out what drives our government. Stupidity. It's not that they believe we'll believe this hogwash, they actually think that simplistically. That spouting crap like the above will help. All the above are just 'fluff' statements. PT Barnum would have been proud...

The rest of the paper on the 10th Malaysia plan had further nonsensical quotes like "Competitiveness in higher value activities necessitates specialisation in terms of having a critical mass and ecosystem of firms and talent to drive economies of scale"... Christ give me strength...

The cornerstone of growth, it's fundamental base in fact has to be education. This would be a fact even in a developed economy with a sound education system (one of the US's most recent initiatives was a ramp in focus, investment and resources in education for instance) When you juxtapose that priority there onto our education levels here that are worse than pathetic and need a major overhaul and yet no mention is made of it in a purported drive to ramp up productivity and income...? You wonder as to the intellect if not the will of the people in our countries administration.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fire safety

There's been a lot of press on the incident where this poor girl died in a car fire subsequent to an accident. Aside from the fact that I'll never use BHP (until they show genuine remorse with commensurate deeds to back this) here's a question and a thought. How many of us carry extinguishers in our cars and have one in our homes? I have both. This practice started when I almost lost a car through a fire. I have carried one ever since and sometime in the mid-90's had cause to use it to save a girl from a car fire. And if I hadn't had one, she could have died.

I carry extinguishers in all my cars. If you want to (as you should) pick one up from ACE hardware. Don't get the dinky little car type ones. Those are next to useless. You need to get an ABC type of 1kg capacity (that's the powder inside NOT the weight of the extinguisher). It looks like a scaled down version of the big ones you might have seen. And yes get one for your homes too. My take, you only need to use it once in your life....