Thursday, July 12, 2012


My friends house was broken into earlier this week. And I was angry. I (and he) have been railing against the rising crime and the precipitously falling standards in the state of security of our country, Malaysia, to no avail. What we are offered instead is that our views are merely perception. I’m sure he and the thousands of others who have suffered break ins, robberies and snatch thefts et al can take solace in the fact that it’s only our perception that crime is escalating. I am sure Tan Kim Chuan, who was the latest victim, someone’s grandmother and mother will rest easy knowing that her death was an isolated incident and not linked to the fast escalating spiral of crime that is descending on us. When are the authorities going to do something about this? To say that they are slow to react would be a massive understatement, for as can be seen, nothing has or is being done. The weaknesses are there. They have been identified in the Royal Commission of inquiry into the RMP with the recommendation, among other things, to set up an Independent Police Complaints and Misonduct Commission (IPCMC). None of which were implemented. Instead we have a Home Minister who advised us to watch out for his new initiative today. And what was it? To allow Rela members into malls. This was his grand idea to protect the public taxpayer. The electorate. Or as they would love to patronizingly call us, the rakyat. Rela in malls. An organization already riddled with controversy. Who’s ranks are filled with people who are primarily there because they are fitted with a uniform and vested with powers which inflates their sense of self. Their abuses have been documented, and our Home Minster is now recommending that they be let loose in malls. That is his brilliant plan? Why doesn’t our government want to recognize let alone tackle this very real problem in a proper holistic manner? Are they too stupid to do so? I cannot believe that our administrative corridors are populated by people of such little intellect and even less capability. Unless their voices are being drowned out by the idiots who are obviously there. We want a safer Malaysia. We want our government to give us that. It is their primary duty. If they fail to realize that let alone act on it then they have failed as a government.