Thursday, May 6, 2010

Selangor CPO’s car stolen?

It’s been all over the news! The Selangor Police Chief’s official car has been stolen! Read about it here

Someone must have taken the IGP seriously when he said he’d call his men off the streets. Thinking of course that the police would not maintain law and order and would not fight crime, the thieves must have decided they could get away scot free with anything. Seeing as how that was the Police forces sole task, to fight crime, it's also a given that they probably didn’t need even need their cars anymore…

Tongue in cheek aside, that crime is a slap to the face of the Royal Malaysian Police. The Official car of the Selangor Police Chief would have been festooned with badges identifying it as such. They might have been discreet (hands up those who have seen black perdana V6’s with badges covered in vinyl jackets) but they would have been there. For thieves to act with such impunity drives home the simple fact that not only do they not fear the police, but they view them with such disdain, that they’d even steal from them. And if the Police can’t even safeguard their own property and belongings what hope is there for the rest of us?

I read that article with fear. Fear for myself and fear for my friends and family. We are descending into a crime ridden society. Crime is on the upswing because the police are viewed as incomprehensibly cuckolded and emasculated. Toothless and ineffectual. Aside from their sense of duty and professionalism, If they had any self respect, this incident should galvanise them into action, into realizing how bad the rot is and to start acting like a police force. A good step in the right direction would be to see if they can even recover their own car first….