Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our IGP decides if Law and Order are to be upheld

Our IGP lashes out? He threatens tax payers and yes the government, that he can instruct his men at any time NOT to enforce the law? The reasons for him doing so are immature enough, the outpouring of public indignation against the shooting death of a 14 year old. That incident, and ones similar, will obviously give rise to people expressing concern and yes maybe even anger and disgust as is their right. But, the incident itself aside, the arrogance of the IGP to think that he decides if the Police should act as is their calling? A calling by the way that is their legal and statutory obligation to do so?

That statement of our IGP is both irresponsible and arrogant. He is obviously not concerned about his or the responsibilities of the force or even cognizant of them. For him to begin to even think that he and only he decides if law and order should be upheld in this country points to some serious flaws in his reasoning and his capacity to act as the IGP. The Home Ministers task here is clear. He should have him removed and replaced with one with a clear understanding that such a position is not one of supreme authority but one of supreme obligation.


art harun said...

His remark is almost standard Angry and defensive. Just like the Home Minister himself.

"I swear I will protect the security of this nation and if needs be I will fill Kamunting to the brim!"

Said the HM. Who asked him to swear? Who doubted that he will do his job to protect the security of this nation?

The IGP is also the same. It's like "aku merajuk ni ok?". You don't want me to work, tell me so la, I wouldn't!


bibliobibuli said...

"his" men?

taxpayers men. not his private bloody army.

this is a childish merajuk and he should be severely reprimanded for his tantrum.

Vanisha said...

Childish, so very childish.
How does the IGP expect to regain public confidence with statements like that? It is very embarrassing and unbecoming for a man of his position to issue threats like that. We need a change and we need it fast.