Friday, March 5, 2010

We are losing the battle

Two so-called journalists from AL-Islam magazine took part in holy communion in a church, an act of faith that is deeply sacred and reserved only for Baptized Christians… They defiled a house of worship. But they will not be prosecuted due to ‘overwhelming public pressure’ as quoted by an ASP in the AG’s chambers. From the outpouring of disgust and anger from all strata of Malaysian society one would have thought there was overwhelming public pressure to prosecute. But I digress. The law should not and must not bow to pressure, public or otherwise. It must act in accordance with the law. It is a crime to defile a house of worship, there is a clear evidence that the crime was commited, there were witnesses and heck the perpetrators have publicly confessed that they did it.

So why aren’t they being prosecuted? It's politics isn't it? The BN government under UMNO's stewardship plays to the malay masses with the opiates of ketuanan Melayu and the sense that they are above the law whilst ironically and simultaneously emasculating them...

The gallery is constantly played to on what is at the end of the day non-core issues. The psyche and comfort level of the Malay (and for that matter the Indians and Chinese in their respective component parties) is pandered to. What is truly Machiavellian and what many fail to realise is their insecurity is created and stoked by the very same party. All this so attention is distracted from their management of our country.

We are being emasculated on a daily basis. Does no one shed a tear at the fact that we were at par with a once impoverished Singapore on just the value of our currency? A country with no natural resources whereas we were blessed with oil and minerals in abundance? They are now at, what 2.5 times our money? Within the span of 30 years our ringgit is now worth just 40 cents of what it once was. We have become poor.

Our National debt is mounting, we have engines that go missing from a military base, crime is spiraling out of control. In short the strength, security, the very integrity of Malaysia is being eroded at a terrible rate but the average Malay, Indian and Chinese doesn't see this. He isn't concerned we are falling apart vis-a-vis his neighbours as his eye is focused on his fellow countryman. We are each other’s enemy, we are competing in one upmanship with each other instead of giving each other a leg up or at least watching out for each other. And we are content as long as we think we are ahead or have carved out our place in the sun here, not realising that we are actually sliding down into a deep dark hole, each and everyone of us. Malaysia is indeed burning while the BN fiddles...

So the sacraments of a church are violated and the perpetrators and their supporters think how wonderful. And are grateful for this perceived victory. And in their euphoria fail to see that they, their children and possibly their childrens children are having their own lives violated, their standards of living fall, their very quality of life shredded and their futures compromised on a daily basis while they are none the wiser.

They think they are winning battles against fellow Malaysians when there are none to begin with, and in the process losing the actual war…

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Richard said...

Even as an atheist I find the actions of these two imbecilic fools deplorable. The Holy Communion is one of the most sacred aspects of the Catholic Church and purposely defiling this and then celebrating it is a crime under this law. As you say, regardless of your beliefs, jurisprudence must prevail. It cannot be left up to public outrage and the law wasn’t made to only defend Islam; Malaysian politicians though have always played the race card so I can’t see this changing.

What was the purpose of these two partaking in Holy Communion? What did they hope to achieve? The person who defiles the Mosque and is caught will readily fear the consequences; but for no action to be taken on these two sets another dangerous precedent. Malaysia is on the wrong path and you are right, every Malaysian should be ashamed of the position of their country vis’e’vis the region in general and most especially Singapore. (lets face it – Singapore would kick Malaysia’s butt in any conflict and that in itself is embossing given the unlevel playing field of 30 years ago)

A country with over 20 million people, resource rich, and a British legal foundation should be the powerhouse of South East Asia however the 45 years of pandering to the Malay base has made the country ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of modernity.

“The BN government under UMNO's stewardship plays to the malay masses with the opiates of ketuanan Melayu and the sense that they are the above the law whilst ironically and simultaneously emasculating them...” Kris – that is a brilliant statement and unfortunately lost on the BN government and those supposedly protecting and looking after the malay masses.

Paul Keating was right 20 years ago when he called Mahathir a recalcitrant – the term however still applies to BN and the less impressive new generation of leaders.

So the question is how do you fix it? Can Malaysia be the powerhouse it should be or can we simply look forward to another 30 years of pandering to the weakest link, collusion and incompetency?